Measuring Racial Inequities in Virus Testing

Graph of disparities in COVID-19 testing among black and white residents

Almost every health official, physician or researcher you speak with will agree: COVID-19 testing among every population is essential for informing virus detection, self-isolation, and prevention of onward transmission. Racial disparities related to the COVID-19 epidemic and the associated public health response continue to be discussed, but need further study to understand the modifiable driver […]

Two WashU Institute for Public Health Centers Award Funding

Project Grants News

The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research and the Center for Dissemination and Implementation, both at the Institute for Public Health, have awarded seed funding for two public health-related projects. The projects focus on health care for older adults and for those with prostate cancer, respectively. Through its Pitch Partners² funding mechanism, the Center for Community Health Partnership […]

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