Investigating Sickle Cell Disease (Links to an external site)

Allison King

Allison A. King, MD, PhD, a highly regarded researcher at the WashU School of Medicine, is several years into her six-year, $4.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to further her investigations into sickle cell disease.

D&I Science Aids Researchers Studying Perioperative Mental Health (Links to an external site)

Portrait of older person who appears sad

The newly NIH-funded Center for Perioperative Mental Health at Washington University has incorporating D&I-science into its proposed approaches. The principal investigators, Drs. Eric Lenze and Michael Avidan and a transdisciplinary team recently opened the new WashU center, the first-ever to focus on urgent mental health issues-such as depression-associated with older adults in the perioperative period.