IPH Faculty Scholar uses center funding & IDDI engagement to advance research (Links to an external site)

Assistant Professor, Philip Marotta‘s research has benefitted from grant funding and other resources from the Center for Dissemination & Implementation, and its initiative, IDDI (Infectious Disease – Dissemination and Implementation Science Initiative). In its second year, IDDI cultivates implementation science research in infectious disease to improve evidence-based prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in St. Louis and beyond.

New study by doctoral student provides overview of frameworks and models to reduce ineffective healthcare services and public health programs (Links to an external site)

De-implementation is a process studied in a broad array of disciplines, yet implementation science has thus far been limited in the integration of learnings from other fields. A study led by Callie Walsh-Bailey that was published in Implementation Science offers an overview of frameworks and models that implementation researchers and practitioners can use to inform their […]

Infectious disease D&I initiative launches (Links to an external site)

A collaborative group from Washington University have launched the Infectious Disease Dissemination and Implementation Science (IDDI) Initiative. Led by Virginia McKay, research assistant professor at the Brown School, the initiative is designed to cultivate local and applied research related to the uptake and implementation of evidence-based innovations, practices, procedures or policies that reduce the spread […]

Investigating Sickle Cell Disease (Links to an external site)

Allison King

Allison A. King, MD, PhD, a highly regarded researcher at the WashU School of Medicine, is several years into her six-year, $4.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to further her investigations into sickle cell disease.

Advancing Systems Change

Cory Bradley

Cory Bradley’s research focuses on exploring strategies for improving engagement and retention in HIV prevention and treatment, as well as health equity with an explicit focus on the contribution of anti-Black racism to health disparities.