Learn the fundamentals of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) in a way that works for you.

Dissemination & Implementation Research:
Intro Workshop for Investigators

Open to: WashU faculty and staff in research-focused positions.

Hone your skills in a convenient, condensed format.

Offered each year, this workshop is designed for those who are interested in D&I research and how it could apply to their own research. The workshop presents the basics of D&I research, showing participants how these concepts can support their current and future research goals. 

Registration for the 2021 workshop is now closed.  Check back in mid-2022 for information about our next workshop, or email Karlee Kreinekamp with any questions (k.kreinenkamp@wustl.edu).

Want a deeper look at D&I?

Our semester-long core courses give a tailored introduction to the essentials of Dissemination & Implementation.

Open to: WashU graduate and medical students, as well as WashU faculty, staff, and medical fellows.