WashU is a leader in advancing the field of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) research.

Our large and multifaceted community of D&I researchers generates leading-edge ideas. This output is shaped by a cross-disciplinary perspective and genuine professional collaboration.

Featured Research

D&I Research Groups at WashU

Center for Collaborative Care Decisions

Improving the quality of health decisions and promoting health equity by engaging patients and the public using clear communication, quality evidence, and patient-centered goals of care.

Center for Diabetes Translation Research

Fostering the next generation of innovative diabetes research.

Center for Dissemination and Implementation at the Institute for Public Health

Promoting the adoption of proven treatments, programs and strategies for routine practice.

Center for Implementation-Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practices Among States (IDEAS)

Dedicated to improving the quality of state-delivered mental health care services for youth and their families, nationwide. IDEAS is an NIMH-funded ALACRITY Center.

Center for Mental Health Services Research

Expanding access to evidence-based mental health care for social service clients.

Center for Public Health Systems Science

Changing systems to create healthier communities through research, evaluation, and translation.

Dissemination and Implementation Research Core of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

Providing expertise in support of translational (T3 and T4) research to move clinical knowledge into real-world use.

Division of Public Health Sciences in the Department of Surgery

Working to prevent cancer and other diseases, promote population health, and improve quality and access to health care in Missouri and beyond.

Health Communication Research Laboratory

Seeking to eliminate health disparities by increasing the reach and effectiveness of health information to low-income and minority populations.

Infectious Diseases Implementation Research Group

Seeking scientific insights to advance the use of evidence-based interventions addressing infectious diseases.

Prevention Research Center

Conducting and sharing research on physical activity, policy, the built environment, and translating evidence into practice.

St. Jude – WashU Implementation Science Collaborative (ISC)

Bringing together resources and expertise to maximize dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs