Solving Dissemination & Implementation science challenges takes a collaborative group of doctors, researchers, postdoc students, staff, and public officials.

Engaging with partners is essential for everything we do — from developing successful grant proposals, to translating insights into action.

Together, we can enhance the mutual impact of our work.

Ways We Can Partner

Exchange Knowledge Across Universities 

Whether it’s exchanging ideas, co-planning a symposium, or working together to learn what real-world implementation makes the most sense, we are eager to connect. 

Partner on a Learning Agenda

Want to support public health impacts? Our learning partners — including community foundations, health departments, local government, and private donors — help us identify new research priorities. 

Consult on Your Public Health Initiatives

Our team of knowledgeable researchers can advise on the most up-to-date and evidence-based information about public health. 

Collaborate in Your Research

If you are a researcher wanting to incorporate Dissemination & Implementation into your study, let’s explore how rigorous methodologies could fit. Together, we can design new approaches for sustainable public health infrastructure.