Center co-director’s research shows age is overlooked in higher ed. diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

By Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging • April 2, 2024 Nancy Morrow-Howell, the Betty Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Social Policy at the Brown School and co-director of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging is the lead author of the study, “Age as a Factor in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives in Higher Education.” The study shows that […]

WashU researchers’ discovery opens new doors to HIV treatment

By Guest Author • March 27, 2024 Written by April Houston, MSW, MPH, knowledge translation & communications director, HLB-SIMPLe Research Alliance, Division of Infectious Diseases, WashU School of Medicine Scientists from Washington University have uncovered new insights into how HIV weakens the immune system of those it infects. Their findings were published in a recent edition of the journal Cell.   CD4 T […]

Missouri Medicaid enrollment down 158,000 since unwinding began

By Center for Advancing Health Services, Policy & Economics Research • March 21, 2024 Almost 36,000 applications remain pending, for an average for 57 days Written Timothy McBride, co-director of the Center for Advancing Health Services, Policy and Economics Research March 2024 (updates based on February 2024 data). As the process of unwinding continues, total enrollment in Missouri’s Medicaid […]

Center offers casual monthly collaboration for anyone interested in implementation science

By Center for Dissemination & Implementation • February 6, 2024 Written by Kim Furlow and Ashley Sturm, Center for Dissemination and Implementation The Center for Dissemination and Implementation invites those who have a new interest in or who are entrenched in implementation science to visit the monthly WUNDIR Café. WUNDIR stands for Washington University Network of Dissemination and Implementation […]

Dissemination and Implementation Science flourishes at WashU centers, institutes and initiatives

By Center for Dissemination & Implementation • January 3, 2024 Written by Kim Furlow, communications manager at the Institute for Public Health Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science takes what we know and seeks to improve how evidence-based public health solutions are adopted, implemented, and maintained in the real world. As public health is a key focus of WashU’s […]

Center names Powell co-director (Links to an external site)

Institute for Public Health leaders are pleased to announce that Brown School Associate Professor, Byron J. Powell, PhD, has been named co-director of the Center for Dissemination and Implementation alongside Director, Elvin Geng, MD. Powell also will continue to lead the center’s Implementation Methods & Metascience Initiative. 

IS-2 Hosts 2023 Summer Institute in St. Louis (Links to an external site)

This summer, researchers from across the U.S. gathered in St. Louis for the second Institute for Implementation Science Scholars (IS-2) in-person Institute. The Institute, which is a core component of the IS-2 mentored training program, was held in St. Louis at Washington University’s Bauer Hall (learn more about the first Institute here). In total, over 50 IS-2 Scholars, […]