How St. Louis is working to end the HIV epidemic (Links to an external site)

Fast-Track Cities is regaining momentum after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Dr. Cory Bradley, the acting co-chair of Fast-Track Cities St. Louis and a post-doctoral research associate in HIV implementation science at Washington University’s Institute of Public Health.

Infectious disease D&I initiative launches (Links to an external site)

A collaborative group from Washington University have launched the Infectious Disease Dissemination and Implementation Science (IDDI) Initiative. Led by Virginia McKay, research assistant professor at the Brown School, the initiative is designed to cultivate local and applied research related to the uptake and implementation of evidence-based innovations, practices, procedures or policies that reduce the spread […]

Bringing a Health Equity Lens to Implementation Science Frameworks (Links to an external site)

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At the 13th AcademyHealth Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation, a team of Washington University D&I scientists led a workshop about equity and implementation science frameworks. Amongst other things, they shared that it is important for implementation scientists to partner with equity and disparities researchers earlier in the research continuum.

Two WashU Institute for Public Health Centers Award Funding

Project Grants News

The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research and the Center for Dissemination and Implementation, both at the Institute for Public Health, have awarded seed funding for two public health-related projects. The projects focus on health care for older adults and for those with prostate cancer, respectively. Through its Pitch Partners² funding mechanism, the Center for Community Health Partnership […]

New D&I Science Courses

Short courses, trainings and informative classes help prepare the next generation of WashU D&I scientists.