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Cory Bradley

Cory Bradley, PhD, MSW, MPH, is currently pursuing his postdoc training in Implementation Science and HIV at Washington University.  After meeting Elvin Geng, MD, MPH, at the United States Conference on HIV/AIDS in D.C. in 2019, Bradley felt compelled to pursue implementation science as a way to advance systems change.

As an extension of his training, Bradley also brokers knowledge discovery in implementation science with St. Louis Regional communities and departments of public health as a principle coordinator for the region’s Fast Track Cities St. Louis Initiative collective impact initiative which provides strategic scaffolding toward ending the HIV epidemic in the region by 2030.

His research focuses on exploring strategies for improving engagement and retention in HIV prevention and treatment, as well as health equity with an explicit focus on the contribution of anti-Black racism to health disparities.

Spurred by an interest in how social interactions and structures mobilize processes of well-being and disease, Bradley has contributed to several racial justice projects. While developing emergent expertise in implementation science as a postdoc, he currently shares a leadership role in engaging colleagues in the field to account for anti-black racism in implementation science contexts and actively promoting equity frameworks and equitable solutions through collective action. 

Want to connect with Cory? Contact him at bcory@wustl.edu.